Energy from the source

Each vibration around us has got a specific effect on out bodies and eventually gets to our souls “inner wolf”, and with that concept behind our brains, we get to discover the following :

  • Our bodies are always under vibration, even when we leave them.
  • Its the vibration that cause the movement of everything inside us…. Starting from the flesh to the soul.

So will run through you actually depends in you, what source of energy do you pick your vibration from?

Get to find your inner peace with different source, it could be ;

  • THE SUN: I personally pick strong vibes if happiness from the sun, especially in the morning at 6 to 7,you could try it and find out if we are on the same page or you get another vibe 😊
  • PEOPLE : this type of source has got during new of the strongest or even the strongest vibes to us. From the shape, to the smell, the words we receive from different people all thus will have an effect in your vibration, am not ver y social and that may be because I pick alot of negative vibrations from people, but that doesn’t mean it is the same case with you.
  • THE MOON;this is my favorite source, its like my recharge energy, the vibrations from it are extremely beautiful and comfortable, so peaceful.
  • WATER; its my source uses to cleanse my body and soul.
  • AIR; am asthmatic and therefore inhaling air that fills up my lungs in a peaceful manner actually brings more life to me………

And so on, you have to get out if your comfort zone to get your self in a BETTER PLACE

❤️ love and light 🌆

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